Resale Certificates

  Resale Certificates are handled by HomeWise Docs, an internet utility.


To order a Resale Certificate, please go to

We will furnish a Resale Certificate within ten days after the request is received, as required by RCW 64.34.425(2). Expedited service is available at an additional charge.

Payment will be required at the time the order is placed.

The Resale Certificate will include, among other things:
   Information about fees, special assessments or other sums due from seller
   Replacement Reserve information
   Current association operating budget
   Association financial information
   Insurance information
   Copies of association documents (Declaration, Bylaws, Rules, etc.)


"...a unit owner shall furnish to a purchaser before execution of any contract for sale of a unit, or otherwise before conveyance, a resale certificate...." (See RCW 64.34.425).

"...the purchaser's contract is voidable by the purchaser until the [resale] certificate has been provided and for five days thereafter or until conveyance, whichever occurs first." (See RCW 64.34.425(3))

"The association [or its management company], within ten days after a request by a unit owner...shall furnish a resale certificate...." (See RCW 64.34.425(2))