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Advice, resources and management tools to guide and support association boards and communities.

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About the service

We work with the Board of Directors to establish good policies to guide its many important decisions, drawing on Copeland's expertise and years of experience working with community associations. Then, we make sure the Board's decisions and policies are carried out in the best possible manner.

Your association needs and deserves prompt actions and responses. Therefore, having the right Association Manager is a must. A Copeland Group, LLC, Association Manager has the necessary experience, workload, training, and skills to oversee every detail. Our managers understand what needs to be done and how to best make it happen professionally, effectively, and promptly.

What’s included

  • Correspondence: Draft written correspondence on behalf of the Board. Respond promptly to all communications received on behalf of the association.
  • Counsel: Advise the Board, based on our experience and training, regarding association policies, regulations, documents, and general administration of all affairs.
  • Enforcement: Enforce the Association's rules, regulations, and policies with prompt, appropriate action.
  • Files & Records: Maintain current and orderly files of all Association contracts, records, correspondence, documents, insurance policies, and other papers. Maintain a roster of homeowner information. Maintain a list of vendor information and emergency numbers.
  • Insurance: Serve as liaison with the association's insurance agent; communicate insurance recommendations and/or requirements to Board; coordinate insurance claims.
  • Meetings: Attend periodic meetings of Board and Homeowners; Prepare and distribute notices, proxies, ballots, sign-in forms, agenda, etc., as required for meetings.


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