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Project Administration

Our team has the experience and training to undertake major repairs and/or restoration projects.

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Should your association find it necessary to undertake a major repair, maintenance, or restoration project, we have the experience and training to guide you through the process. This type of project is beyond the scope of the regular management of your association, so we will discuss the process and additional costs with you if such a need arises.

  • Assist in the hiring of professional consultants (architects, engineers, etc.).
  • Draft, or cause to be drafted, precise project specifications.
  • Solicit and evaluate bids from reputable, proven contractors.
  • Make recommendations based on comparative bids.
  • Negotiate a contract to the association's best advantage.
  • Monitor the progress of the project and provide status reports to the Board.
  • Act as liaison between hired professionals, contractors, and the Board.
  • Coordinate construction activities with affected homeowners.
  • Communicate continuously with homeowners about the ongoing project.
  • Provide special financial accounting for individual projects, if requested.


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