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Each association is a business. We provide the professional financial services a good business requires. 

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Each association is a business. We provide the professional financial services a good business requires. You can rely on our monthly financial reports to make sound business decisions; reports are timely, accurate, and easy to understand. Accrual and modified accrual-based financial reports include: Balance Sheet; Profit and Loss Statement; Budget Comparison Report; Register of Activity on Reserve Accounts; Owners' Balance Report (delinquencies and prepayments); copies of bank statements with balancing documentation; and paid invoices for review. All reports are prepared in-house by our professional bookkeeping staff.

  • Account Management: Maintain Operating Account in an interest-bearing checking account. Invest reserves at the direction of the Board of Directors with signatures of two Board members required. Provide copies of bank statements with reconciliations to the Board monthly.
  • Assessment Collection: Offer automatic withdrawal (ACH) for monthly payments. Provide accurate individual owner accounting on request. Enforce association's collection policies. Mail delinquency notices on time every month.
  • Bill Payment: Pay bills on time. Monitor utility bills for extraordinary usage. Review all statements carefully before paying. Give paid invoices to Association Treasurer for review. Transfer monthly budgeted allocations to reserve accounts
  • Budgets: Research rates and revenue/expense history for budgeting purposes. Draft budget with detailed notes to accompany significant line items. Remain sensitive to needs and priorities of association
  • Financial Statements: Provide timely accrual and modified accrual-based monthly statements to the Board. Coordinate a year-end audit. Customize statement line items to match the association's budget.


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